Top 11 ski destinations that are in our pockets

Denver, Colorado - The United States has many offers for skiers. If you have an opportunity then you will benefit from lower prices and big discounts offered by various resorts. The ways to attract customers in a difficult economic period are many and the united States are offering various benefits. Explore and discover your best offer out there. We suggest you try Denver.

Mont Tremblant, Canada - Located in the French speaking Montreal. You are sure to say "wow" when looking at options for this ski destination. People here are friendly and there are many things to do when you're not on the slopes. We encourage you to visit La Source aqua club, a great place for the whole family.

Levi, Lapland – What did you do with Santa Claus and his reindeer? This place is a natural paradise for skiers, especially those looking for strong experience. Levi is a place where winter is like what you see in a fairy tale. There are no crowds and high prices. When you are on the slopes, you can take the whole family with you for a joyful experience and even enjoy the reindeer safaris.

Andorra - Andorra a little principality, which lies between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains. There are three new, large resorts, Arinsal, Pasa de la Casa and Soldeu. Since the Government of Andorra shall do not add charges the prices are very good. There are many slopes to ski and when you’re not riding them, you can shop at will with the pleasantness of no taxes.

Krvavec, Slovenia – Is in Eastern Europe and is one of the best places to ski. Krvavec resort is very close to the city airport. In fact everything you need is convenient and close and you will not be required to have a large budget.

Gressoney, Italy - Nestled in the Italian Alps, Gresoni is a wonderful place with many slopes and small crowds. The landscape here will make you think you are at the North Pole and the prices are much better than the expensive resorts. This is where you can enjoy a ski holiday at some very affordable prices.

Scotland - For fans of the island, Scotland is a place where you can enjoy a good and not super expensive ski vacation. But although it may be cheaper, do not forget to check the prices the first time and make sure that there is snow on the slopes.

Megève, France - A great choice for hunters from Britain. This place can be reached by car and you will save much money by this way of travel. You can even sleep in the car, but will most likely be tempted by the large number of hotels in the area. Megève is an extremely beautiful place, so do not forget your camera!

Bansko, Bulgaria - Bansko has more than 70 km of ski trails and the ski season is guaranteed from December until April. The town of Bansko offers a wide variety of cuisines. As well as traditional Bulgarian dishes, many restaurants serve food with influences ranging from European to Russian, Turkish or Indian. There are at least 60 pubs, 3 night clubs, and over 100 restaurants!

Stubai, Austria - Fans of the winter will feel very happy in the valley of Stubai. The largest glacier in Austria and a guarantee of snow from October to June. There are also children's Mickey Mouse ski clubs, where skiing fans from 4 years of age can be entertained while their parents enjoy skiing the slopes.

Russia – The overwhelming majority of the territory of Russia is situated in the northern latitudes. This is not surprising, but there are many places where you can ski to your heart’s content. Although the flights are not cheap, prices are low once you get there. One of the places you can visit is Dombey. Great snow!