Most popular cities in the world for night life

Bangkok, Marrakech and Croatian Hvar are now at rival with Saint Tropez and Las Vegas in the top of Forbes' best-of night cities in the world. Here is the selection:

Bangkok - Bangkok by night is bursting. The streets offer food, sandwiches and drinks, and people from all over the world come here.

Reykjavik - locals are connoisseurs of alcohol here and so-called "runtur" very popular - groups of young people who go from bar to bar all night.

Marrakech - unlike other Muslim towns herethey have a good eye for alcohol, and local bars are open until late and impress with a spectacular dancers.

New York - this city has a lot of everything and at any time of day. Information on New York.

Ibiza - beaches, festivals and youth, come to party until morning.

Tel Aviv - the night life is cosmopolitan and casual, and parties ranging from coupons to luxury beach clubs.

Berlin - this is perhaps the only major city in Europe, where sloppy clothing is not tolerated and you have to return to the entrance. Berlin is characterized more by expensive cocktails, good music and hours of clubs in the morning.

Saint Tropez - was once a quiet fishing village, then a place for relaxation of the elite, and today is a commercialized resort.

Rio de Janeiro - here are some of the most popular clubs and restaurants in the world, women are beautiful.

Buenos Aires - restaurants begin to fill up all the way till 1 o'clock in the morning, but the real party starts well after that.

London - perhaps the most elegant place to party as long as you have money, because it is expensive.

Las Vegas - you can lose all your money at the casino and to marry a stripper in a hurry - with two words in the movies.

Los Angeles - here is the party, the stars, and include absurd luxury surroundings.

Hvar - the small streets of the Croatian city filled with restaurants, ideal for lovers of quiet dinners in a relaxed atmosphere.