Top 10 exotic spa destinations

Exotic spa destinations are becoming an increasingly preferred place for recreation and attract tourists annually from around the world for its wonderful climate, dazzling white beaches, crystal clear sea and the variety of water sports, which allow the simultaneous combination of active relaxation and complete relaxation.


They call it the island Of the Gods, the earthly paradise, the treasure of the Indonesian archipelago...

For more than 40 years, experts are trying to unravel the mystery of this island and its enormous appeal to everyone that decide to indulge in the magic of spa rituals that deliver an incredible delight for all senses, and to obtain complete relaxation.

Not for nothing this year the Island of Bali took the title, ''The Spa Capital of Asia'', from the Asian spa awards.

The people of Bali for several centuries have used the principles of illustrious healing and a rehabilitation system called "mosque". Marine algae, tropical plants, exotic spices and fruits are all used in this procedure.

In the spa center of the luxurious Ritz-Carlton, they are offering exclusive spa programs:

Marine Wave Deluxe - set of procedures, including body wrap with seaweed, massage showers, underwater massage with herbal extracts;

Sinta Abadi (Eternal Love) - a program that starts with a foot bath with fragrant flowers, peels, hand massage, and a choice for the body, flower bath, spa facial.

Aromatic Petal Massage - sensual massage with fragrant flowers, combining the techniques of Swedish massage, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi and typical Balinese tapping ensemble which aids incredible muscle relaxation and removes tension and stress.


Aruba is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea, located only 40 km from the northern coast of Venezuela. Beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, beautiful coral reefs and the wonderful climate make Aruba a favorite place for relaxation and recreation.

The island is known as the Caribbean because of the tens of Monte Carlo casinos, "housed" in luxurious hotels. The Grand resort Rineysans is in Aruba and is near the capital, the private island Rineysans.

It has six beaches, three pools, two casinos, a center for underwater swimming, a gorgeous park and a huge center for health and beauty "Oceanos SPA". The center offers healing and spa treatments, based on the latest technology, all kinds of massages, hydrotherapy, dry and steam sauna and special rehabilitation programs. Here you can enjoy the most exciting nightlife and entertainment in Aruba.


Once called "peaceful island", today Mallorca is a spot of entertainment, exotic adventures, endless sandy beaches and amazingly beautiful nature. Supported with romance, Mallorca has repeatedly been a source of inspiration to the world famous writers, artists, composers and artists.

Frederic Chopin and Juan Miro, Robert Graves and Agatha Christie have been and discovered for themselves and they praised the beauty of this magical island attraction.

Residencia Hotel is situated amidst the greenery of palm trees and cypress trees on the northwest coast. The hotel is a unique summer residence having the embodiment of elegance and romanticism. Beautifully landscaped gardens with fragrant roses, orange and olive trees and numerous courtyards which is attracted by the freshness of the lush greenery.

You will enjoy the wonderful peace and privacy and achieve of the spiritual harmony. The SPA center of the hotel is ultra modern and has a 16 meter indoor pool, sauna, steam room and luxurious rooms for various treatments.

Highly skilled professionals offer various programs for face and body, La Stone Therapy, reflexology and other therapeutic procedures.


Maldives are a fascinating mosaic of small islands with dazzling white beaches, "overshadowed" by magnificent palms and caressed by warm turquoise water of the ocean.

Two of the most attractive entertainments in the Maldives are incredible. Firstly is has one of the best diving attractions in the world and holds the opportunities of traveling to uninhabited islands where you can feel like Robinson Crusoe, to merge with its magnificent scenery and are able to escape from civilization for a while.

Unadulterated romance and active holiday's combined with unforgettable adventures; attract tourists from around the world in the Maldives.

The hotel "4 Seasons" fully renovated, opened its doors in 2006, and is situated on the picturesque island kuda Hura, which abounds in tropical plants, but the beach, is wide and covered with fine white sand. Some islands have amazingly beautiful coral reef lagoons.

The complex consists of exotic bungalows with reed roofs, some of which are located on the beach and the other are in the water. The Island spa is located on a separate little island, for guests they provide a traditional Maldivian boat which constantly crosses the lagoon.


An archipelago of 115 islands with breathtaking beauty and mystery located in the western Indian Ocean, the Seychelles is famous for its natural and untouched nature, one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in the world, offering an unforgettable holiday and rest for the senses.

The sand and coral islands are blindingly white and have an unusual feature of not reaching temperatures of above 30 degrees above zero. The nature is incredibly beautiful with the small volcanic and coral islands being covered with flowers, tropical plants, palm forests and having some unique species.

The beautiful beaches and lagoons near the tropical gardens house numerous luxury hotels. On the northwestern coast of the islands is the biggest and most beautiful beach of Beau Valon and is located at the five stars Hilton Seychelles. The hotel consists of 40 luxurious villas, one of which is named in honor of Ian Fleming, the author of the popular novels about James Bond.

The spa center offers a wide choice of relaxing procedures and massages, Ayurveda treatments and many others, restoring the harmony of body and spirit.

Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands are located in the central part of the Caribbean south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica, and cover an area of 259 square miles and integrate the three islands, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Marriage.

Besides being the largest and most modern, Grand Cayman is the most attractive with its amazing flora and fauna, which will enchant you directly. Silver palm trees, parrots, tortoises, orchids, palm (banned from leaving the country as being a unique natural) have become a true emblem of the island. Here is located the capital, Georgetown.

One of the most famous and super luxury hotels, Grand Cayman Marriott, is located on the famous beach "7 mile Beach'' (7 miles in length with dazzling white and soft sand) which is on the island of Grand Cayman. The hotel is surrounded by a garden of fragrant tropical flowers and is located at the beginning of the famous beach.

It is completely reconstructed and offers ideal conditions for rest and relaxation. Exotic interior, full of warm colors and has a wonderful harmony with the picturesque landscape of the island. The Spa Center "La Mer" offers a wide range of procedures and revitalizing products from the world famous French cosmetic brand "Ion-ka '' and all kinds of massages, healing therapies, remedial and many others.


Philippines are located in the western Pacific Ocean and up the archipelago of 7107 islands (about 1000 of them inhabited) with a unique culture, history, ethnic diversity and exotic nature.

Boracay is a small island with coral origin, but is considered one of the most picturesque and is entered into the five best resort areas in the world. The famous White Beach is a 5 kilometer white sand beach, great waves and coral reefs attract tourists constantly.

Boracay is an ideal place for diving and other water sports. On the shore of the ocean alongside the White Beach, are stylish hotels, comfortable bungalows and villas. Mandala Spa Hotel is a project created by the famous Italian architect and designer, Antonio Siterio and is located in the northern part of the island.

12 luxurious villas are the ideal entry into the hilly landscape. The villas are spacious, stylishly decorated and extremely comfortable. The Spa center offers a variety of methods that restore harmony of body and soul, Ayurveda treatments, all types of massages, aromatherapy, yoga classes, and corporate programs designed specifically for women and men.

The hotel, Fried Beach is located in the northern part of the Boracay Island at White Beach, and is a complex of traditional Filipino bungalows covered with reeds and palm leaves. Bungalows are surrounded with beautiful tropical gardens with fragrant flowers. The spa center offers various types of massages, therapeutic programs, aromatherapy and other exotic rituals of youth and beauty.

Antigua and Barbuda

The Nature Island of Antigua has an impressive set: the panorama of the sea smooth landscape is changing with the hilly slopes covered with cacti, and the beaches of casualties in its white sand.

In addition, numerous coral reefs and picturesque flora and fauna make the island a true piece of paradise for rest and complete relaxation.

Not less exotic is Barbuda (located 40 km from Antigua), which also boasts of stunning beaches and coral reefs.

The hotel Caribian Sandals Antigua is located on the west coast of Antigua; it combines the exotic charm of a quiet fishing village and comfort of the highest caliber and has won a prize for the most romantic hotel in the world. The magnificent beaches are of fine sand, turquoise waves of the sea, waving palm trees in the wind and are a beautiful place filled with lots of romance and charm.

Everywhere has a wonderful scent of blooming jasmine and orchids. The hotel has 5 swimming pools, water sports center, tennis courts and golf course. The spa center, Red Lane combines the most modern equipment with unique Caribbean charm.

They offer all kinds of massage, classical, Colombian, Swedish, Hot stones, tropical treatments for face and body products with the world mark, Pevonia. Also procedures with clay and seaweed and comprehensive rehabilitation programs.


Barbados was a popular destination in the 70's of last century, and today is visited annually by millions of tourists from around the world. Lush tropical vegetation and beaches of fine coral sand, azure sea, with luxury hotels and services of the highest class made Barbados a favorite place for seekers of excitement, and for lovers of the exotic.

The most popular and attractive tourist beach areas are, Gibbs Beach which is16 km west of the capital, fantastic Mulins Bay (especially favored by lovers of scuba diving), and gorgeous beaches, Peyns Bay and Sandy Bay. Hotel, Royal Pavilion Fearmont is located on the west coast and was called "the precious jewel'' in the crown of Barbados. The landscape of azure lagoon, magnificent palm trees and dazzling white beaches surround the hotel and further underscores the atmosphere of impressive splendor.

The hotel has two pools, two tennis courts, golf course, water sports center and a modern spa center. The spa center offers a variety of therapies with aromatic oils, all types of massages, hydrotherapy and many other remedial procedures.


Mauritius is one of the most prestigious and luxurious places in the world for complete relaxation. They call it the five star paradise island dreams, a truly magnificent and unforgettable spa destination.

The most luxurious, "Saint Zheran" which ranks in the top of Forbes for the most expensive in the world for spa resorts and hotels, is located two kilometers of its own sandy beach and has gardens with tropical trees, swimming pools, golf course, tennis courts and restaurants in the shade of coconut palms that occupy huge areas.

The hotel is built in a traditional French colonial style; a clean interior imparts a unique luxury and refinement. The spa center offers a diverse selection of therapies with products from Swiss care, especially designed for Givenchy.

Aromatherapy, Turkish bath, steam and dry saunas, reflex, various types of massage, facial and body, can be left in the hands of the highly skilled therapists enabling you to enjoy an incredible vacation, to restore harmony of body and spirit.