Popular Tourist Attractions

On our planet there are many interesting places which is nice for everyone to attend, of course if possible. Here are some of the most popular destinations with which we begin with.

The Great Wall of China, China

There's no way to go to China and to miss this landmark. It extends and far merges the sky and earth. This is exactly the reason why countless buses drive millions of tourists visiting Beijing for sightseeing this which was built by human hands.

Venice, Italy

The city, which sinks by one centimeter a year, threatens to disappear in 2030 unless measures are taken which among others are already predprieamat. One of the most visited and popular tourist destinations not only in Italy but worldwide. Therefore it is little wonder that tourists in the city are usually more than 333 times the local population. If you are in northern Italy, no one can resist the temptation.

New York, USA

Whatever you say about the "Big Apple" will not suffice. Variety of colors and vibrant, the city attracts the interest of millions of tourists annually. In combination with its huge population, it's a pretty interesting place for tourism.

Tower of London, London

The city is one of the most visited European destinations. And while the place was once famous for its gloom, today the tourists from all over the world give much money to go to this "miracle".

Eiffel Tower, Paris

One of the symbols of the city of love - Paris. The view that is available to tourists from around the world from the top of the tower, is simply amazing. It is worth every cent spent.

Colosseum, Rome

The Colosseum is the most extensive and most magnificent in the amphitheatres of ancient Rome, begun by Vespasian and completed in AD 80 by Titus. It rose in Rome, near the palace of Nero "Domus Aurea", which was built after the burning of Rome in 64

Colosseum Rome its name, was given to the VIII century because of colossus of emperor Nero. This statue was later reconstructed by the successors of Nero and was turned into a statue of Sol - the Sun God by adding the appropriate solar crown.

When in Rome, don't forget to try the delicious Italian cuisine. Tthere is one thing you won’t have to worry about: being able to find a nice place to eat. Roman food is a popular, yet simple one. It is not sophisticated or elaborate, but generous, rich in flavours and character, and full of many mouth-watering recipes.

The typical Roman food has its roots in the past and reflects the old traditions in most of its offerings. It is based on fresh vegetables. It also consists of deep fried, tasty appetizers (such as salted cod and filled zucchini blossoms) and sharp “pecorino cheese" (made from sheep’s milk from the nearby countryside), a very important ingredient in many recipes.