The most beautiful bays in the world

Where to meet land and water, nature has put all beauty and power of the two elements to create one of the most evocative natural resources, the bays. See some of the most beautiful bays, collected from around the world.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong or Gulf of descent is a dragon considered by the Vietnamese for the eighth wonder of the world. It is a World Heritage by UNESCO and attracts tourists with its quiet waters and many limestone mountains, spread across sea. The Bay is located in Quang Ninh Province of Vietnam and has a coastline of 120 kilometers in length. Halong is an area of around 1550 square kilometers, among which are scattered in different sizes and shapes. Some of them are housed in the hollow cores of the enormous caves, the largest of which is the Hang Day Go (Cave of the wooden pegs).

Fundy Bay, Canada

This is one of the most fertile bays in the world. Fundy reaches across the Atlantic Ocean between the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It is a bay with the highest tides in the world, only about 6 hours and 13 minutes, the water passes from the highest to the lowest point, fully dismantling part of the ocean floor. Fundy has a length of 270 km and a width of 100 km, a depth between 120 and 215 meters and a daily flow that pours 100 billion tons of sea water. Another interesting fact is that the local water of the ocean and the rivers around this bay is a chocolate red color. The gulf can be seen in several breathtaking beauties with its islets and rock formations.

Bay Phang Nga, Thailand

This bay is familiar from the movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”, which is part of the James Bond series which was filmed precisely in this enigmatic place in Thailand. The action part is developed on two islands in the bay, Koh Khao Phing Kan is an island of living villain, and a conical Koh Tapu is the place where he hides weapons of mass destruction.

The bay itself is a very beautiful place with an area of 400 square kilometers located in the Andaman Sea between Phuket and Malacca peninsula in southern Thailand. Its distinctive features are the steep limestone cliffs, descending directly into the waters of the ocean. In the region there are coral reefs and the fauna in the Gulf is more than impressive having over 88 species of birds, 82 species of fish, 18 reptiles, 3 species of amphibians and 17 species of mammals.

King Haakon Bay, the island of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Island of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands are a British overseas territory located in the Atlantic Ocean between South America and Antarctica. King Haakon Bay is 13 kilometers in length and has a width of 4 kilometer. It is named after the Norwegian monarch King Haakon VII. It is best known as the place where Ernest Shackleton landed during his researchof his expedition to the South Pole; sadly he never reached his goal and died of a heart attack, and at the request of his wife was buried on the island of South Georgia. Because of its beauty it is now a candidate for the Gulf ranking of New 7 Wonders of the World.

Manila Bay, Philippines

Manila is one of the most beautiful bays with breathtaking views at sunset, which attracts thousands of tourists and photographers. The entrance to the bay is 19 kilometers in width, but inside it expands to the whole 48 kilometers.