10 of the most beautiful castles in Europe

What are the most beautiful castles in Europe? It is difficult to say because each has its uniqueness, its history and its secrets. However, there are castles, which are like a magnet for tourists and deserve top position in the rankings. Castles of the world.

No 1 of the most beautiful castles in Europe - Salzburg Palace Concerts castle, Austria

On a high hill on the outskirts of the Austrian city of Salzburg rises the largest fortified castle in Europe, Castle Salzburg Palace Concerts. It is seen as a symbol of the city and the majestic dominates the background of the other medieval buildings, the fortified castle Salzburg Palace Concerts has been there since Roman times.

In 1077, Archbishop Gerhard von Salzburg makes its appearance, preserved until today. Behind him, Konrad I continues construction on the fortification. By XVI century the territory of the fortress is still growing and is used as a military prison and asylum, but by the beginning of XX century it works as a museum, to which can be reached with a 30 minute walk or a special built lift.

No 2 of the most beautiful castles in Europe - Bamburg castle, England

Bamburg Castle is an old Norman castle built in V - VI century on the banks of the North Sea area of Northumberland, England. During the centuries of its existence it has been the subject of Scottish raids, but in XII century King Henry II made it his residence. In XIX century Bamburg castle was bought by a wealthy Victorian landowner, who took on the restoration and strengthening of the fortress. Today, it is not just a tourist site with historical and archaeological significance, but also the favorite place for hosting major cultural and private events. In the hall of the Royal Palace Bamburg make marriages, while the clock tower is open as a cozy pub, and in 1971 Roman Polanski chooses it for decoration of his film "Macbeth".

No 3 of the most beautiful castles in Europe - Leeds Castle, England

Leeds Castle is one of the most romantic in Europe. It was built in the IX century in the town of Maidstone, Kent from Saxon Etelbart IV. Situated on two small islands joined by a lake and surrounded by beautiful gardens and vineyards Leeds Castle has witnessed many dramatic historical events during the reign of King Edward I, Henry V and Henry VIII. In 1926, Olive Wilson Filmar aristocrat known as Lady Bailey, purchased the castle for 873 000 $ and completely changed the interior and since 1976 it opened its doors to visitors.

One of the most curious attractions are the Museum of antique dog leashes and Aviary in which diversity was collected from birds. Leeds Castle operates as a hotel, and guests are offered the opportunity to experience an authentic medieval atmosphere at dinner in the Banquet hall "Henry VIII".

No 4 of the most beautiful castles in Europe - Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

The most famous Scottish Eilean Donan Castle rises amidst Loch Dyuih and known worldwide because of the many films that have pictured there (including "Loch Ness" in 1996. Built in 1220 as a protective fortress against the raids of the Vikings in 1719, it was unable to resist the attacks of the Irish and for nearly 200 years was laying there like ghostly ruins. In 1932 it was restored and functions as a visitor center, which opened a café and souvenir shop.

No 5 of the most beautiful castles in Europe - Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

This name is difficult to pronounce but in translation from German may be interpreted as "Castle of swan-scale", probably because of its strategic position on the rocky area at the foot of the Alps and the border with the Austrian province of Tyrol. Neuschwanstein Castle was "born" in 1869 from the idea of the Bavarian King Ludwig II who however, fails to enjoy his creation. In 1886, shortly before the completion of construction, the ruler died in mysterious circumstances and his body was discovered in the lake. Neuschwanstein Castle is famous as the emblem of the animation studios of Walt Disney, The Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland was made in its likeness, and Tchaikovsky wrote "Swan Lake" as he was inspired by the enchanting beauty.

No 6 of the most beautiful castles in Europe - Kronborg Castle, Denmark

Denmark's Kronborg Castle, built in 1420 in the city Elsinor is one of the best preserved examples of Renaissance architecture. It has played a crucial role in the war for maritime supremacy between Denmark and Sweden. But actually its real fame is as "Castle of Hamlet’’. Namely Kronborg inspired Shakespeare to write his legendary tragedy and make it a major decor of the spectacle. Today, Kronborg Castle Museum houses a few offers to discover catacombs for which local legends tell very interesting stories.

No 7 of the most beautiful castles in Europe - Castellano castle, France

Castellano Castle stands on the limestone cliffs on the River Dordogne in France. The first reports about it were the beginning of the XIII century, when Baron Simon IV de Monfor occupied it. In XV century it became a British possession during the 100 year war, but was later turned into a quarry. Today the castle is like Castellano on a picturesque pastoral picture, it is a private property open to visitors and functioning as a military museum for the Middle Ages.

No 8 of the most beautiful castles in Europe - Koenigsberg Castle, France

Called "high Koenigsberg Castle" and translated from German, "Castle of Kings", Koenigsberg Castle castle rises to the position in the Alsatian field of nearly 2000 meters of altitude. Built at the end of the XII century, it served as an impregnable military fortress during the Middle Ages, however, after a long time it remained uninhabitable. In 1900 the castle Koenigsberg Castle was restored to the initiative of Emperor Wilhelm II and today is one of the main tourist attractions in the region.

No 9 of the most beautiful castles in Europe - Bran Castle, Romania

Bran Castle, situated on the borders of the Romanian provinces of Wallachia and Transylvania, to the world is known as "Castle of Dracula." Supposedly, it was inhabited by the Wallachian ruler Vlad the Impaler, who is also the prototype of the legendary vampire. With numerous towers and catacombs Bran Castle served as a protective fortress against the Turks, but by 1920 became one of the residences of the Romanian king. It now operates as a museum showing the effects of the royal family, a small museum complex depicts the traditional Romanian way of life.

No 10 of the most beautiful castles in Europe - Chateau de Chillon, Switzerland

They say that no second place as idyllic as the castle Chateau de Chillon. Situated between Lake Geneva and the snow capped peaks of the Alps it became an inspiration for some of the greatest artists of Art, Lord Byron, Victor Hugo, and even Jean - Jacques Rousseau. Chateau de Chillon Castle was originally composed of 100 independent structures, which were gradually joined to acquire the building to today's appearance. It has experienced three historical periods and today the museum buildings have preserved some important artifacts showing the proof of the strong history of the castle Chateau de Chillon.