Most romantic places in world

Romance is like love, though often the two concepts are confused. However, only waiting to get a romantic atmosphere by itself, things are not arranged as sometimes is needed.

The word "romance" is often associated primarily with candles, wine and a fireplace, but it is notorious that there are places in the world, which loaded the souls of lovers with the necessary warmth and happiness without wearing a scented candle in a suitcase.

The ranking for the "most romantic city" quite rightly leads to Paris

The city of light has long been famous as a city of love. This is definitely the best place for love. Wine, food and rich with history, you can take a walk through the Louvre, a cafe across Elysees Chance ... dinner at the Eiffel Tower or visit the Versailles palace synonymous with luxury, royal dignity with a reminiscent of that love and power go hand in hand sometimes.


The most romantic city of Italy, Venice undoubtedly remains the romantic of them all. From the stunning architecture of San Marco Square to the gondolas here, Venice talks about love, romance and passion. The best time to visit Venice is during the annual carnival, which takes place there. A gondola trip through the most magical city in Europe remains unforgettable for everyone.

Bora Bora

Brilliant blue waters, white sands and tropical paradise. All of this comes with an exclusive style of elegance and luxury. Nature is wonderful, and lagoons and underwater reefs are just breathtaking. One of the great experiences of the island is the traditional canoe trip and also the excursion to the most beautiful lagoon at sunset.


Vienna may well be called the cradle of European culture. With baroque architecture, the historic city opera and typical glamorous restaurants that still has more sound of Strauss waltzes creates a romantic mood and memorable atmosphere. During the season of balls Vienna is the cities past, the mask of the waltz and unfading romance.


Uninhabited islands, exotic, warm and crystal clear sea, excellent visibility, a huge amount of reefs and incredible diversity of marine life. This is the place in which to shoot all those beautiful postcards of couples on a desert beach and azure water. Most islands are not more than 1 km, which makes them particularly suitable for privacy, honeymoons and love.


More cult than the film "Casablanca" the whole world fell in love with this city. Today it is synonymous with passion, love and romance. The largest city in Morocco offers a typical French architecture and detail. The old part of town is known as the most beautiful in Morocco.


Prague is called the heart of Europe. The city, dating from the 9th century is indeed a real architectural triumph. Prague's famous castles is the largest ancient castle in the world, built early in 1257. For more romantic experiences bring your loved ones at the top of the 60 foot observatory and watch the slow sunset over Prague.