The most vulnerable of the world wonders

Too many tourists, poor planning, inadequate security, globalization and urbanization are part of the reason the wonders of the world are constantly threatened to disappear.

Wadi Room Red Desert, Jordan

Spectacular red desert is one of the natural wonders of the world with its odd large rocks and sandy valleys. It is believed that it led her flock in their biblical Esau, and today it is home to native Bedouin tribes. The growing influx tours by jeep, poor governance and lack of standards, however, threaten the region.

Yangshuo, China

The small, quiet town attracts with its various karst hills, making it an unusual place and very beautiful. Tourists being more than 3 million annually, aiding the city to have changed beyond recognition. Its atmosphere is lost, swallowed up by expensive tourist attractions.

Tulum, Mexico

The ruins of Tulum, located on the 12 meter gorges on the east coast of Yucatan, is one of the best preserved monuments of the Mayans. Urbanization and construction of the coast threatens this area.

Stonehenge, United Kingdom

One of the most famous historical monuments, which occurand is associated with the names of the legends of Merlin and Arthur, detaches itself from the disastrous surrounding environment along the noisy highway. To this must be added the desire of tourists (more than 1 million a year) to allocate a piece of the monument for themself.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Palaces, temples and homes and holds a 2,430 m altitude in the Andes are reserved by the “Lost City of the Incas”. It was created as a sacred mountain residence of the great Inca ruler of Pachakuti century before his empire was to fall. After withstandin earthquakes and wars, the city is now threatened by 2,500 tourists who trample over the area every day.

Jaisalmer (Golden Town), India

Jaisalmer, best known by its eponymous castle was built on a hill or mountain Trikuta top three and keep traces of traditional Indian culture. The biggest threat to it is the sandy foundations was the water needs to be increased with the constant influx of tourists.

Timbuktu, Mali

The former economic, intellectual and religious Islamic center is threatened by the expansion of the desert, such as the street wind stirs up sand continuously and on the other side of the area riots are stopped and tourists threaten destruction of historical sites.

Big Australian gulf

Heavenly place between Australia and Tasmania the debt remained the continent's greatest secret. Lonely Planet after it opened, however, it followed the fate of all the fancy resorts.