Most beautiful cities in the world

Dwell comfortably and be free from stress by looking at the seven most beautiful cities in the world.

1. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is number 1 on my list for many reasons: Hong Kong has a huge number of buildings over 200 meters high. Also, 4 out of these 15 high buildings are located in Hong Kong. The view of the city has a very beautiful holding with the background of many different architectural skyscrapers with beautiful night lighting and reflection. The beauty of the city is complemented by a mountain view in the background.

Population: 6.8 million

2. Shanghai, China

Do not be confused with the space station, Shanghai is a real city. The largest and most developed city in China, Shanghai so they say was the most cosmopolitan city in the early 20th century, but lost its glory during the era of Mao. Currently, Shanghai is quickly recovering its fame to one of the largest economic centers and the city with modern architecture. In Shanghai you will find 18 buildings higher than 200 meters, one of which is totally mind blowing at 468 meters high and is the television tower of Oriental Pearl TV.

Population: 13.1 million.

Shanghai cuisine, known as well as the famous Hu cuisine, is a popular style of Chinese cuisine. What can be called Shanghai cuisine is epitomised by the use of alcohol. Fish, crab, chicken are "drunken" with spirits and are briskly cooked/steamed or served raw.

3. New York, USA

Thanks to Hollywood, New York is the city with the most popular view in the world. Almost everyone will recognize it. Also, the architectural styles in New York are too diverse. The city has the largest number of buildings over 200 meters, around 44 in number.

Home of the world famous twin towers of the World Trade Center, now destroyed, the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, New York is a world financial center in the western world.

Population: 21.0 million.

4. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the most crowded city in the world. The landscape is unique as it somewhat resembles the other major cities. The city has 15 buildings higher than 200 meters, including the Tokyo Tower which changes colors every night. But because of the density and size of the city, any part of it is overflowing with various buildings. Mandatory red lights on tall buildings make the night view of Tokyo unforgettable. The city is also characterized by its neon lights and unique buildings with modern architecture, and both New York and Tokyo are often shown in film and television productions. Interesting fact: Tokyo is the city with the most helicopters, and the air traffic is becoming more complicated and crazy.

Population: 32.0 Million.

5. Chicago, USA

Chicago is the birthplace of the skyscraper, having built the first tall building of iron in 1885. It is the tallest building, but the original is the new form of construction, which soon changed the look of any city in the world.

Chicago has 17 buildings with a height greater than 200 meters, three of which are in the top 20 highest buildings in the world. The Chicago buildings combine with modern and medieval architecture, which puts them second in the rankings.

Population: 8.5 million

6. Singapore

This is best planned and clean city in the world. Buildings cannot be higher than 280 meters, due to restrictions in accordance with air traffic over the city. Three of the tall buildings are exactly 280 meters high and 5 other exceed 200 meters. Most of the buildings in Singapore are of bright colors and the city has many green areas.

Population: 3.8 million

7. Toronto, Canada

Toronto is the crossroads of whether they are meeting their many cultures and nationalities. Toronto is the largest city in Canada, with few skyscrapers and 7 buildings exceeding 200 meters in height, including a 553 meters high CN Tower, which was designated as the highest independent structure in the world. While this is not true (there is a high TV tower), CN Tower is the highest observation platform from which the view of the city is incredible.

Population: 5.1 million