Ten Exotic Destinations

1. Ecuador

Ecuador is a paradise for fans of the wild. This South American country is known for its famous islands of the archipelago "Galapagos", ancient churches, its evergreen forests, coffee plantations, the ruins left by the Inca civilization, the majestic Andes, exotic species active volcanoes like Mount Chimborazo and beaches along the west coast.

In the high plateaus, called puni live Indians, whose homes are no different from buildings in which lamas grow. In the capital Quito, where the Incas in the past called “paradise in the mountains”, the air is crystal clear, no skyscrapers and streets are so narrow that two people can hardly get away. Among the mandatory places to visit are the Plaza del Teatro, Tetra Bolivar, House of Culture "Mama Cuchara", House of Culture “evkatorialnata” and Iglesia de la Cathedral.

2. Bhutan

Bhutan streams of mysticism and the heavenly peace. This is a land of inaccessible mountain ridges, wrapped in fog, the colossal green plains and gorges, the temples, and ignorance under gravity, perched on the difficult access to human foot rocky hills. Te Himalayan Kingdom has managed to avoid the fate of many colonial countries in Asia and has remained virtually unaffected by the industrial boom, thanks to which the traditional culture and art have been preserved in its authentic form.

Bhutan in no case is an ordinary country. This is a country in which the sale and purchase of cigarettes is a crime where the rice is red and hot peppers are not just a spice, a main dish. The latter is enough to convince you that you expected a different, new world. Bhutan is a sacred land of Buddhism, where men go to work, dressed in long robes, where the facades of the homes are painted in large characters protective phallus, and where overall national welfare is more important than GDP. Among the more famous cities in Bhutan are Thimphu, Paro and Phuncholing.

3. Nepal

Located on the northern border of India, Nepal is one of the most exotic destinations. Its territory is the deepest canyon, and eight of the ten highest peaks in the world. The country abounds with beautiful scenery, lush vegetation, ancient temples, Buddhist shrines, wide valleys and ancient villages. Nepal passing through many rivers, most of which flows from the Himalayas, while others spring from Tibet. All of them cross the border with India, where some of them flow into the sacred river Ganges. High in the mountains is magical glacial lakes and picturesque valleys, to which few are enough.

For about 150 years Nepal remains isolated from the world because of policy, led by King Prithvi Naryan Shah of detachment from the British monarchy. It was at this capital Katamandu, where the mystical atmosphere is present due to the many temples, constructed entirely of wood, with exquisitely carved doors and windows. Besides Kathmandu, other popular cities include Pokhara, Dhulikhel and Nagarkot.

4. Alaska

Alaska is one of the most special places on Earth. In its 49 state live in the United States one of the most exotic species, but so far the trip is an opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes in the northern hemisphere, and feel the rhythm of life of people in Alaska.

Therefore the “great land” as it is called is the largest state in America, the mountains are gigantic, the trees reach a height of up to 30 meters, a totem of the local Indians are to a towering 15 meters above ground, bears weigh about 800 kg, length of wolves exceed two meters, and even a salmon can reach up to 50 pounds. To complete the picture, we must say that in the cities of Alaska they have he calmly strolling elk, and this is the only state whose capital cannot be reached by car.

5. Morocco

Anyone who loves to explore exotic cultures and is attracted to the beauty of the maritime cities will fall in love with Morocco. Located in Northern Africa, the Kingdom of Morocco abounds with magnetic landscapes, beautiful scenery, colorful and bustling markets, ancient architecture, long sandy beaches and colorful people.

This is the land of hand-woven fabrics and rugs, many flavors of spices, a story-teller, the hawkers, the tamer of snakes - motley bordering on kitsch, which attracts strong as a cup of mint tea. In Morocco they are prepared a special way, in the kettle they put mint leaves, which stays with hot water and then put sugar cubes while the teapot boils. Liquid spills in the cup, and again it is poured into the kettle, then again in the glasses and so about five minutes after one can sip a cup of fragrant drink, reminiscent of the appearance of the Mojito. Morocco's cities that we are more aware of are, Casablanca, Tangier, Marrakesh, Rabat, Fess and Esauira.

6. Vietnam

Vietnam is far from an ideal tourist destination, but it certainly is exotic in many ways. This is a country that has taken the best and worst of the gifts of fortune, from a time of triumph to years of devastating conflict and war.

Needless to say, that finding is of Indochina State has had a turbulent and controversial history. Nature is no less impressive. Ban Giok waterfalls, mountains, Sapa and Halong Bay without competition is among the first places on the charts for the most beautiful places on the planet. Vietnam is a country with divine beaches, huge mountains, forests, framed in fog and ancient imperial buildings. In the mountains live over 60 minority groups, which add extra color to the landscape of the country.

7. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise with exotic flora and fauna. Coincidence is recognized as one of the best ecotourism destinations; it has an incredible wilderness with abundant vegetation of more than 1000 species of orchids and over 850 species of birds. It is also enriched with clean beaches with white sand and gorgeous cloud forests. Costa Rica is also the kingdom of butterflies and smiling people.

All this sounds a bit relative to the background of what one can experience in the world of wildlife. Feeling a person to walk through areas in which only a moment has passed and you see a jaguar Tapir is more than amazing. The jungles of Costa Rica are home to capuchin monkeys, washable bear, toucan, hummingbird, parrots and vultures. Do not even think about walking without rubber boots especially after the evening, because in the jungle there are many snakes. Handy to carry are mosquito repellents. However, sometimes you may experience an exotic "bite".

8. New Zealand

New Zealand is a magical experience because of the beautiful mountains with snow white tops, winding rivers, spectacular volcanoes, neat bays, turquoise lakes and abundant green forests. By Rudyard Kipling he called it “the eighth wonder of the world”; it ranks second only to the mountains of Tahiti in precipitation. In torrential rain, the steep rock walls erupted in many water cascades, which descend from the hanging valleys, embraced in the eternal fogs and marked with colored arcs.

Island Ulva, is one of the best reserves in the world for conservation of endangered species, a piece of paradise for birds and people who love them. It is open to visitors and has easily passable trails, overgrown with moss, meandering between the trunks of trees, tagged ointments, Tatars and rattan. Birds are of, Twi, kaka, kereru, tieko and many more, literally flying past people without showing fear. One of the main causes of the wealth of bird species here is the lack of predators. In Otago in the south end of South Island the seals walk on beaches, and dolphins swim with surfers. I bid, only in the northern part of the valley Ueytaki you can see interesting landscapes, among which was filmed "The Chronicles of Narnia." Elephant Rocks are limestone rock formations, which in the past millions of years wind and water have shaped into fantastic forms resembling an elephant.

9. Greenland

Greenland is not a cheap destination, but few countries manage to combine in a unique way so picturesque landscapes with bright light and raw force of nature. It is definitely a land of adventurers - the country has almost no roads, but at the expense of this trip with a helicopter or boat is worth every penny spent. Here are some of the most beautiful places on the planet, and the largest island is the least populated part of the planet.

Perhaps one of the most memorable views is the photogenic small towns with colorful wooden houses, which rank as, spectacular Northern Lights. However Greenland is near the Arctic Circle. Greetings from the North can also carry exotic and Greenland is proof of this.

10. Egypt

There is hardly anyone who has not heard of the Egyptian pyramids, considered one of the wonders of the world. The Ancient African country is certainly one of the hottest tourist destinations and in direct and figuratively. Under the scorching rays of the sun, from about five thousand years of existence they have one of the most important monuments of human civilization, ancient temples and tombs of pharaohs and sphinxes guarded by a giant.

In Egypt can be seen the Coptic Orthodox churches, and exclusive resorts such as Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh, El Gouna and Dahab charm you with their beautiful beaches and many opportunities for leisure. Noisy and bustling metropolis like Cairo, attract shopping maniacs. A curious fact is that Cairo has no traffic lights and yet there are few accidents. Cruises on the Nile, is also among one of the special offers on every tourist itinerary.