The most interesting places in the world in 2010

Vancouver, Canada

In February, all eyes will be confined to Vancouver. Winter Olympics begin on the 12th of February. Many new hotels and attractions will be open just before the Olympics. If you do not fall for the sports during the two weeks of the games in the city then maybe an extra week of dance performances and Olympic gala of the National Ballet of Canada and other elite ballet will take your attentions.

South Africa

The football World Cup will begin on the 11th of June with a meeting between the host South Africa and a strong team from Mexico. Even if you visit South Africa after the tournament you will enjoy the newly built facilities, such as a train from Johannesburg International Airport and new hotels. All existing hotels currently have taken improvements and can boast of new facilities during the World Cup.


Some call it the "Sarah Palin effect." Since Palin's high-profile political elite Alaska's tourists have increased. In July there is a festival held called 'The Bear Festival' (films and works of art), and on July the 4th in Alaska, the race Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge will end with 1,000 riders having competed in an 11,000 mile route from Key West (Florida) to Omer (Alaska) for a prize of 500,000 dollars.

Mendocino, California

The city is known for their culinary festivals and the best wines. It attracts connoisseurs of good food especially during August when most of events are held.


Malaysia has become one of the most attractive destinations in Southeast Asia. In 2010 the country's low cost carrier, Air Asia will launch flights to and from Los Angeles and New York, which is expected to enhance the flow of tourists. Most hot spots are the capital Kuala Lumpur and resorts Langavi and Datai.

New Orleans

Next year it will be 5 years since the horrific Hurricane Katrina swept the coasts of New Orleans. The expected flow of passengers on the airline to the city is expected to return to the levels before the hurricane as far away as 2016. However if you visit New Orleans you will see how much the city has achieved regards to recovery in the last 'Five Year Plan'. The airport repairs are worth 755 million dollars. Repair of the Hotel Roosevelt came to a cost of 145 million dollars, and in 2013 New Orleans will host the final of the Super Bowl.

Island of Curacao

The Dutch island of Curacao will be the hottest location on the Caribbean in 2010, thanks to its history, natural phenomena and unique culture. This is not a typical destination for U.S. college students during Spring break because the island is located closer to Venezuela than to the rest of the Caribbean.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Dubai problems are a joy to Morocco. The second part of the movie "Sex and the City" will be shot in Marrakesh, giving the city the opportunity to become one of the fashion capitals of the future.

Glasgow, Scotland

As the UK pound became cheaper this location is more accessible financially, but still, London is still very expensive. For this, you can target the north to Glasgow, which was proclaimed the City of Music by UNESCO in 2008 and is full of cultural attractions.


For years, Philadelphia has been like a gallery of artists and painters that "emigrated" from New York to a more relaxed atmosphere. Luxury five star hotels ensure comfort in the artistic city.